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    First message to ask for your help!!

    I am doing a Project for college.  Could you let me have the codes in Visual Basic (6.0) for a Word Processor please?

    To include the normal functions including "Undo" button.

    Many thanks,


    30 May 02

  • 18 years ago

  • 18 years ago

    as its for ure college work stuff, i think u need to do a little more than copy and paste peoples code!

    try using the richtextbox control and making your own buttons and things to make the rtb work, its a simple control and theres alot of info bout it

  • 18 years ago

    Students today are just friggin lazy!

    Exercise your brain cells a bit, you could even 'read a book'

  • 18 years ago

    lol damm straight, my 12y old bro seems to just nab all of his work of the net! wish i had the net 5 years ago

  • 18 years ago

    heeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy not ALL students are lazy bums!

    Look I have the urge to go into a little lecture here. I think its best that you 'do your own work' even if its a Word Procesing program. Take a look at the Richtextbox control as the cool rollershade said and play around with it. For inspirational idea's etc you should checkout my good friend Andrea Batina's program called ElitePad . Cause if you just copy your:

    a) not learning anything
    b) lazy
    c) possibly infringing copyright

    Besides if you do that, and the teacher questions how you achieved a certain API call you'd have to explain it, unless their like our teachers which dont even know any API. anyhow enough of my theories. Enjoy programming! If you get stuck just post your problem here.

  • 18 years ago

    And you should know!

  • 18 years ago

    Many thanks!

    I have a lot of information to work on and will experiment.

  • 18 years ago

    I think you are judging a book by its cover.

    It is not a question of copy and paste it's to do with having the relevant information to work through.

    I have every intention of doing the project myself but research is a valauable tool.

    I am pleased that you have all the knowledge that you require!

  • 18 years ago

    Are you speaking from experience?

  • 18 years ago

    Don't lecture (please)!

    A simple question to establish criteria.

    It goes without saying that numerous books are being looked at and notes etc.

    I like the options of going through as much data as possible.  Being new to computers I have to start somewhere.

    I am not a young student rather a professional who is looking to learn a new area.

    Hope this meet with your approval!!

  • 18 years ago

    sorry if im rerading the wrong book as u, it just sounded that way, still heres a link that u will find usefull for a starter


  • 18 years ago

    If you carry on posting as much as this you'll be rated a 'Guru' like Rollershade before you know it.

    We'll be coming to you for advice.

  • 18 years ago

    Thank you so much.

    I quite understand.

    I completed some Modules for Web Page Design, Graphics, JavaScript and now attempting VB.

    JavaScript is well sourced and the text books that I've got cover a great deal but with VB I have been searching for some weeks now.  The books that I've got are not really clear and I suspect are for VB developers.

    Whilst I've got data, I like to look at every aspect and see if I can go the extra mile.  I don't just want to do the basics (if possible).  We have a very good working group and we pool all our thoughts together and have a brainstorming session when we meet in class.

    My next attempt in September is Flash 5.  Do you think I'll get the same response if I ask for help???

  • 18 years ago

    Thanks but with 6 weeks experience in VB, I doubt if I shall ever be in a position to advise the experts!

  • 18 years ago

    flash 5 is relatively easy to use, as long as u take the time to have a go and mess bout with it, it only gets slightly tricky is when you start using actionscript in the flash, like say for sending email, then ovbiously integrating it into asp could get little complicated, but on the whole id say u cant lose nything by asking, there hasnt been much flash scripts here, best bet is to try somwhere like


  • 18 years ago

    Thanks Rollershade.

    I think we need people like you at our local colleges.

  • 18 years ago

    gese man! i just got 11 emails after a mere hour of posting my message.

    btw, about the Word Processor, are you planning to write it for just for school use or for distribution too? you should checkout PSC which has lots of articles and projects by other people you can look at.

    Hope this helps!

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