Sencha Charlotte User Group

Group of Javascript Enthusiasts focusing on development with and learning around the ExtJS and Sencha touch libraries. We want to learn, develop skills, exchange ideas and work through issues surround these and related technologies.

Events coming up

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Past events

  • Styling Sencha Apps with SASS/LESS

    24-25 Jan 2013 in Charlotte, United States

    You have built your apps using Sencha libraries and you like the functionality; however, you are not sure about the looks. You want to improve on it using flexibile CSS based tech, but wondering about the best approach.We will take a look at using SASS / LESS. More SASS and less LESS ;o)Pramod will lead the discussion.

  • Mobile Debugging

    22-23 Nov 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    So you have your app out in the world and a user is contacting you with problems and you cannot replicate it. This is just one screnario of many that highlights the difficulty with debugging application in the new mobile world. What kind of tools, tips, tricks are available to effectively debug running JavaScript in general and Sencha apps in particular. We will do a roundtable style discussion with presentation by Bilal.

  • Sencha Animator: a different way to CSS

    25-26 Oct 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    We will dig into the animation toolset from Sencha, Sencha Animator.Sencha Animator allows you to create CSS3 animations that run in any WebKit browser including iPhone and Android.Kamal will be leading this meeting.

  • Sencha Architect: Another view

    27-28 Sep 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    Since Brad had to travel we moved his presentation on Sencha GWT into next March. Instead we will be digging into Sencha Architect 2.1 (new release), build a mobile app and contrast the generated code. We will go over the planned presenation on this topic for NCDevCon.I will share some of the goods and bads and open it to feedback from members.

  • Unit Testing in JS with Jasmine / QUnit

    30-31 Aug 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    We will explore how we can construct a unit testing framework in JS using two libraries Jasmine and QUnit.We will walk through on how to at least use one of them in continues integration framework with Jenkins and look into similarities and differences between them.

  • MVC in JS (Sencha, Backbone, Ember)

    26-27 Jul 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    We will try to learn about different ways to implement Model View Controller mechanism in JS. How can we structure our applications to take advantage of the MVC paradigm.We will also look outside Sencha and Backbone and if time permits into Ember.js to see how these MVC frameworks could be used in conjuction with Sencha (if at all) and what the similarities and differences are.Joe will lead the discussion.

  • Working with Phone Gap and Sencha Touch 2

    28-29 Jun 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    We will explore how to take a Sencha Touch 2 application and package it using PhoneGap.What does Phone Gap offer to Touch and how can we take advantage of the services exposed.

  • Expanded Sencha Architect 2 Demo

    31 May-1 Jun 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    The focus of this meeting will be on how to use Sencha Architect 2 (The new version of Sencha Designer) to rapidly prototype Touch MVC applications.We will build a skelleton that we can deploy and expand and look at features, discuss what the tool is well suited for and where the limits are.

  • Intro Meeting for Meetup

    12-13 Apr 2012 in Charlotte, United States

    I am scheduling this meeting so we can discuss future topics, issues, goal for the group etc.There is a limit on the meeting space but I think this will probably not be an issue for the first meeting.Time to put heads together

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