WebUI Studio 2009 presents Silverlight

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Intersoft Solutions’ WebUI Studio 2009 includes a total of nine new products and enhancements across the ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms.

It introduces Intersoft Presenter, a data presentation control for Silverlight development that offers five built-in switchable views plus a custom view.

It ships with four presenter components (list, icon, grid and 3D) that enable developers to create a Silverlight application with the intent of letting end users analyse information in the most informative way. Its VirtualScroll technology claims to improve data display performance enabling responsive data browsing and scrolling even with large amounts of data.

The companion Intersoft DataSource enables developers to connect their data to Silverlight databound controls in much more convenient way. Currently, the available datasource components consist of: AstoriaDataSource (ADO.NET Data Service), WcfDataSource, and XmlDataSource.

WebGrid Enterprise 7 has two major enhancements – advanced client binding and smart batch update. The client binding enables data to be sent to client-side in the compact JSON format. Later, the data binding process is performed entirely on the client-side, eliminating unnecessary client-server roundtripping. The smart batch update also claims to offer more intuitive data editing process, by collecting all edited data and sending it in a single AJAX callback.

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