How to disable text box

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  • 19 years ago

    How to disable popup menu from textbox

  • 19 years ago

    There are two ways to do this. Either subclass the WM_INITMENUPOPUP  message and consume it, or use the following instructions (from MSDN):

    Start a new Standard EXE project in Visual Basic. Form1 is created by default.

    Add a TextBox control to Form1.

    Choose Menu Editor from the Tools menu and create a menu named mnuPopUp on Form1. Deselect the Visible CheckBox and add items such as the following:


    Add the following code to the code window of Form1:

         Private Declare Function LockWindowUpdate Lib "user32" _
            (ByVal hwndLock As Long) As Long

         Private Sub mnuOne_Click()
            Text1.Text = "Menu One was clicked"
         End Sub

         Private Sub mnuTwo_Click()
            Text1.Text = "Menu two was clicked"
         End Sub

         Private Sub Text1_MouseDown(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, _
            X As Single, Y As Single)

            If Button = vbRightButton Then
            ' Avoid the 'disabled' gray text by locking updates
               LockWindowUpdate Text1.hWnd

               ' A disabled TextBox will not display a context menu
               Text1.Enabled = False

               ' Give the previous line time to complete

               ' Display our own context menu
               PopupMenu mnuPopup

               ' Enable the control again
               Text1.Enabled = True

               ' Unlock updates
               LockWindowUpdate 0&
            End If
         End Sub

    Save and run the project.

    Alternate-mouse click on Text1. Only the custom menu is displayed. The standard editing menu is not shown.

  • 19 years ago

    There is a sample "WinUI" in this VB source code control:

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