Needs help with MSFlexGrid and MSAccess in VB6

msflexgrid , msaccess , vb6 , visualbasic6 Manila, Philippines
  • 12 years ago
    Can anyone help me? It's been 5 years since i use Visual Basic 6. My problem is I need to create a simple program that will needs to enter a data on the two(2) textbox then after hitting the Save Button, the data in the textboxes will show on the flexgrid window then it will also save in the main data base file. I hope guys you can help me with this one. Thanks in advance. ClarkKentNeedsHelp Given: 1) 2 Input Boxes - uses TextBox input box number 1 > txtbox(0) input box number 2 > txtbox(1) 2) Output - uses MSFlexGrid grid > flexgrid(0) 3) Database: MS Access 2000 dbase filename: dpdb

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